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What Makes Us Tick

Mission Statement.


A Concept For Creation


British Made


KaiGami’s Ethos and Mission Statement.

KaiGami's aim is to design, develop and manufacture functional, aesthetically pleasing, innovative and affordable products,  while also exploring premium materials in order to create works for the design-conscious, luxury market.


We believe that success depends on three factors,: Innovation, Quality and Delivery. This is why KaiGami produces 90% of its designs at its manufacturing facility, using Laser Cutting technology. This enables KaiGami to offer bespoke production in one-offs or batch production, thereby maintaining quality.


We aim to become a globally recognised brand, known for producing seriously top-quality, imaginative works
of art, in design.


Our motto is best described in these simple words …  "The world around you creates you: fill it with beauty”.


KaiGami is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, so where possible it manufactures its designs in the UK, in its production facility based in Lewes, East Sussex.

A Concept For Creation

KaiGami (KG), devised by Guillaume Lyons, draws inspiration from an ancient art form. While KG's approach to creating design objects is similar, it produces its own unique style, as this short history explains.


Origami - Invented in the Far East - China AD 100


The name KaiGami was inspired by the ancient art form known as origami. While the precise origins are obscure, it is believed that origami was created in AD 100, shortly after the invention of papermaking by T'sai Lun, and later spread to Japan in around AD 600. KG follows the principle of origami in the idea that one can create an object from a flat piece of malleable material.

But that's where KG evolves away from origami, since KG creates objects that go beyond ornamentation, with each design created for a specific function. And while modern origami relies on a square, rectangular or triangular shape, KG does not.
The "Kai" in KaiGami can mean cut in Japanese. To create a piece of KG sculptural design one must cut a profile, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, from a piece of flat malleable material before the final process of creation begins. Once cut the profile is usually bent into shape rather than folded and it is this process that gives each design its curves and volume - quite unlike origami's angular ornaments. The KG method produces exciting designs all with a distinctive stylistic flavour!

British Made

It's important to KaiGami that its designs are manufactured in house in the UK. We know that this helps the local economy through job creation, and the export of goods: and we're confident that it also means  that you get top-quality products. Our carbon footprint reduced and our products can enter the market at competitive rates.


Since laser technology is used to produce KaiGami products it is possible to offer a bespoke service to clients. If producing a client's desired design isn't possible in house, then manufacturing will be outsourced, to local business wherever possible.


We wish to maintain Britain's reputation for producing classic designs and in so doing to place KaiGami firmly on the map.


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